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June 18, 2018

What are the duties of a Tax Agent in UAE?

A tax agent is basically that person who represents a taxpayer so that he can file the online tax returns. He also pays the due taxes on behalf of the taxpayer on time and performs all the duties that should be performed on behalf of the taxpayer.

The tax agent is a person who is an expert in such cases and perform all the tax-related duties just like the laws ant it to be. He makes sure that the person who has hired him gets satisfied with him.


First of all, the tax agent must be licensed. The license will give him a permit to work for the people. If he doesn’t get the permit, he will not be considered as a liable agent. So, make sure that your tax agent has a license to work.

Here are some of the duties that are to be performed by the tax agent;


  1. The tax agent prepares for the tax returns and then he files the tax returns online at the official website of the Revenue Department. You will file the tax returns with the username and the password of the tax agent.
  2. He (tax agent) pays all the due taxes If there are any. He pays the due taxes by using the online payment procedure or by post.
  3. He submits the form of the electronic amendment to the list of the current tax agent clients. This is done in within 15 days.
  4. He updates all the required changes in the registration information of a tax agent to the Revenue Department. These changes include the changes regarding those of the office address, new branch information, registered capital, paid-up capital and all the other related changes.
  5. He enrolls himself in the seminars that are related to the tax. He attends the seminars, take courses and workshops. This is because It is all stated in the law. O comply with the laws in UAE, he carries out all the required actions.

These are the duties that are to be performed by all the tax agents with great responsibility. If you see a tax agent and do not see all of the mentioned qualities in him, you must not hire him for your work.

A tax agent must be able o perform al the duties that are required by him.

vat agent UAE

getting a VAT agent in UAE is as easy as anything. There are so many agents who are certified tax agents in UAE. they know all of their duties and they perform them very well as well. if you think you need an agent for your VAT, you can hire one for yourself.

The tax agent will surely reduce the burden on your behalf. He will carry out all the duties that are required by you so that you do not lack behind anything.


Renewal of license

If you are a tax agent and your license is near to get expired, you must get it renewed so that you can continue the provision of services to the people.


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